Regulation of VKORC1L1 is critical for p53-mediated tumor suppression through vitamin K metabolism

Yang X
Wang Z
Zandkarimi F
Liu Y
Duan S
Li Z
Kon N
Zhang Z
Jiang X
Stockwell BR
Gu W

Organ Mapping Antibody Panels: a community resource for standardized multiplexed tissue imaging

Quardokus EM
Saunders DC
McDonough E
Hickey JW
Werlein C
Surrette C
Rajbhandari P
Martinez Casals A
Tian H
Lowery L
Neumann EK
Björklund F
Neelakantan TV
Croteau J
Wiblin AE
Fisher J
Livengood AJ
Dowell KG
Silverstein JC
Spraggins JM
Pryhuber GS
Deutsch G
Ginty F
Nolan GP
Melov S
Jonigk D
Caldwell MA
Vlachos IS
Muller W
Gehlenborg N
Stockwell BR
Lundberg E
Snyder MP
Germain RN
Camarillo JM
Kelleher NL
Börner K
Radtke AJ

Red blood cell exposure increases chondrocyte susceptibility to oxidative stress following hemarthrosis

Lee AJ
Gangi LR
Zandkarimi F
Stockwell BR
Hung CT

Determining the role of peroxidation of subcellular lipid membranes in ferroptosis

von Krusenstiern AN
Stockwell BR

Apoptotic cell death in disease-Current understanding of the NCCD 2023

Vitale I
Stockwell BR
Piacentini M
Kroemer G
Galluzzi L

Ferroptosis surveillance independent of GPX4 and differentially regulated by sex hormones

Liang D
Feng Y
Zandkarimi F et al.

ALOX5-mediated ferroptosis acts as a distinct cell death pathway upon oxidative stress in Huntington's disease

Song S
Su Z
Kon N
Chu B
Li H
Jiang X
Luo  J
Stockwell BR
Gu W

Dietary restriction of cysteine and methionine sensitizes gliomas to ferroptosis and induces alterations in energetic metabolism

Upadhyayula PS
Higgins DM
Mela A et al.

Identification of essential sites of lipid peroxidation in ferroptosis.

von Krusenstiern AN
Robson RN
Qian N et al.

NRF2 controls iron homeostasis and ferroptosis through HERC2 and VAMP8

Anandhan A
Dodson M
Shakya A et al.


Small-molecule allosteric inhibitors of GPX4

Liu H
Forouhar F
Lin AJ
Wang Q
Polychronidou V
Soni RK
Xia X
Stockwell BR

Pharmacologic inhibition of NT5C2 reverses genetic and nongenetic drivers of 6-MP resistance in acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Reglero C
Dieck CL
Zask A et al.

GLS2 is a tumor suppressor and a regulator of ferroptosis in hepatocellular carcinoma

Suzuki S
Venkatesh D
Kanda H et al.

Ferroptosis turns 10: Emerging mechanisms, physiological functions, and therapeutic applications

Stockwell BR

Klebsiella pneumoniae induces host metabolic stress that promotes tolerance to pulmonary infection

Wong Fok Lung T
Charytonowicz D
Beaumont KG et al.

A study in blue: secondary copper-rich minerals and their associated bacterial diversity in icelandic lava tubes

Kopacz N
Csuka JM
Baque M et al.

Development of optimized drug-like small molecule inhibitors of the SARS-CoV-2 3CL protease for treatment of COVID-19

Liu H
Iketani S
Zask A et al.

Discovery of anticancer agents of diverse natural origin

Aldrich LN
Burdette JE
Carcache de Blanco E et al.

Machine learning classifies ferroptosis and apoptosis cell death modalities with TfR1 immunostaining

Jin J
Schorpp K
Samaga D
Unger K
Hadian K
Stockwell BR


Characterization of a patient-derived variant of GPX4 for precision therapy

Liu H
Forouhar F
Seibt T et al.

Development of therapies for rare genetic disorders of GPX4: roadmap and opportunities

Cheff DM
Muotri AR
Stockwell BR et al.

Inhibitors of coronavirus 3CL proteases protect cells from protease-mediated cytotoxicity

Resnick SJ
Iketani S
Hong SJ et al.

iPLA2β-mediated lipid detoxification controls p53-driven ferroptosis independent of GPX4

Chen D
Chu B
Yang X et al.

Promotion of cholangiocarcinoma growth by diverse cancer-associated fibroblast subpopulations

Affo S
Nair A
Brundu F et al.

Photon upconversion hydrogels for 3D optogenetics

Meir R
Hirschhorn T
Kim S et al.

Lead compounds for the development of SARS-CoV-2 3CL protease inhibitors

Iketani S
Forouhar F
Liu H et al.

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